White Collar Criminal Defense & Government Investigation

Professionals and businesses are facing increasing scrutiny from federal and state law enforcement agencies for a wide array of offenses, particularly those subject to complex government regulation, including securities fraud, insider trading, tax evasion, healthcare fraud, money laundering, bank fraud, public corruption and honest services fraud. The sentence consequence of such charges has also become substantially more severe. We have successfully defended individuals and corporations during government investigations, administrative enforcement actions, and white-collar criminal prosecutions. We have also conducted internal investigations and counseled clients on compliance issues.

Given the increasing number, complexity, and vagueness of criminal laws and regulations on the books, particularly in the federal system, executives and officers of corporations may have no idea they are at risk of committing a crime. Individuals targeted by the government face devastating consequences, including steep civil penalties, the loss of professional licenses, reputational harm, and criminal prosecution. Once targeted, individuals may have to navigate complex parallel proceedings in both civil and criminal forums.

Kimerer Law Group's experience in trying serious crimes provides an edge over large corporate law firms defending clients accused of white-collar offenses. They thoroughly advise clients on the possibility that the government may show up at a business or home to interview witnesses, conduct a search with or without a search warrant, or subpoena documents or witnesses. If a government investigation turns into a prosecution, Kimerer Law Group lawyers prepare clients for trial. Their vast success and experience in trying cases gives clients security knowing they have hired the very best. Kimerer Law Group negotiate aggressively with the government, often resulting in favorable plea deals for their clients.

Many white-collar cases arise from alleged violations of federal law or regulations. Kimerer Law Group have the experience and intellectual rigor to untangle complicated issues arising from federal white-collar prosecutions. Kimerer Law Group lawyers have a long history of representing individuals accused of federal crimes. They know the courts, judges, and prosecutors involved in these cases, are well-versed in the relevant laws, and have a detailed and thorough understanding of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.