Personal Injury & Civil Litigation

Kimerer Law Group has a limited and selective practice in accident and personal injury law. We represent individuals that have been injured as a result of someone else's conduct, as well as surviving relatives of those negligently, recklessly or intentionally killed. Past clients include victims of automobile accidents, homeowner liability, dog attacks, assault, defamation and medical malpractice.

Early Investigation is Imperative

The earlier we represent a client in such cases, the more effective we can be in representing their interests. Early investigation in such cases is imperative to ascertain fault and make sure the client's rights, property, and interests are protected. We deal with all insurance carriers that may be involved, and if cases cannot be settled quickly, the lawyers at Kimerer Law Group are prepared to file suit and go to trial if necessary.

Legal fees in such cases are on a contingency basis, which means the client does not pay any fees unless there is a recovery on the client's behalf.