Parallel Civil Administrative Proceedings and Complex Civil Fraud Litigation

Kimerer & Derrick represents both corporations and individuals in a wide range of matters during their preliminary phases, grand jury investigations, and trial. The law firm includes top rated and nationally renowned lawyers who understand the seriousness and complexities of criminal and quasi-criminal investigations, and have experience in responding to allegations of health care fraud, mail and wire fraud, RICO, deceptive trade practices, FCPA, securities fraud, bank and mortgage fraud, antitrust, and environmental violations. 

Increasingly, companies find themselves in the posture of simultaneously defending themselves in multiple forums, including class actions, SEC investigations, federal grand jury proceedings, and a variety of administrative, state or federal inquiries. Kimerer & Derrick lawyers are suited to help develop the strategies and coordinate defenses in complex parallel proceedings.

Civil and Criminal Forfeiture 

The government aggressively seizes the money and property of individuals through an increasingly complex array of laws and regulations.  Modern forfeiture rules often fail to afford owners the right to contest the seizure of their property when the property is seized as a result of a criminal investigation. Having an attorney to protect your property from forfeiture can be equally as important as having a good attorney to represent you in the criminal matter. Civil forfeiture actions can raise 5th amendment issues making a legal consultation vital to protecting your constitutional rights.












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