The Moscow Times; No. 1848 11/30/99 Jen Tracy “…..Relatives of American businessman Paul Tatum – gunned down in Moscow in 1996 in an apparent contract hit – have filed a lawsuit against Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, accusing him of protecting the killers and blocking the investigation. The Arizona-based law firm Kimerer & Derrick filed the suit Friday saying Luzhkov “was responsible for effectuating the murder of Paul Tatum … and illegally confiscating Tatum’s property in Russia,” Michael Kimerer, head of the firm, said in a statement issued in Phoenix. The lawsuit emphasizes that Tatum’s greatest adversary was the Moscow City Property Committee. “Paul Tatum,” Kimerer said, “was gunned down on the streets of Moscow on Nov. 3, 1996 after publicly denouncing Yury Luzhkov’s actions in confiscating the Radisson Slavjanskaya, a premier Western-style hotel in Moscow worth millions of dollars.” The lawsuit is the latest in a recent series of twists to the three-year-old murder case……..”

TASS 12/7/99 Alexander Shashkov and Mikhail Alandarenko “….A controversial Russian businessman, who might be called to witness in the murder case of his American partner, said on Tuesday he was planing to run for the presidency in mid-2000. Umar Dzhabrailov, first deputy director general of the posh hotel Radisson-Slavyanskaya in central Moscow, told a news conference that he was not going to bypass Moscow’s powerful mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, in putting himself forward as a candidate for the presidency……. Asked about whether he would sue Sergei Dorenko, a TV presenter who had accused Luzhkov and him of complicity in murdering of Paul Tatum, an American co-owner of the Radisson-Slavyanskaya, he said that, unlike Luzhkov, he would not file a suit against the anchor because “there is no necessity in doing so”. As for a statement by a lawyer for the Tatum family who said he wanted to question him as an witness in the murder case, he said he had not received any official request about it so far. Tatum, who owned 51 per cent of the hotel’s stock, was shot dead in Moscow in November 1996, but the police have found neither the perpetrators nor the organisers of the crime……”