Representative Cases

Misdemeanor Cases/Civil Traffic

• Representation of doctor charged with criminal littering resulting in full dismissal of the charges

• Representation of out-of-state defendant charged with violations of Arizonan DUI laws

• Representation of individual cited for boating violations

• Represented individual charged with various violations of the DUI statutes in the criminal court and in the Motor Vehicle Division administrative proceedings

• Representation of individual charged in several different cases with various drug possession and DUI offenses, including probation violation cases

• Represented an individual charged with a drug DUI for having the non-impairing metabolite of marijuana, Carboxy-THC, in his blood stream at or near the time he was driving. We represented the individual at the trial level and on appeal. The Arizona Supreme Court used the case to make new law holding that the presence of only a non-impairing metabolite of THC is insufficient to sustain a conviction for driving under the influence under A.R.S. § 28-1381(A)(3). The case has become one of the most important appellate decisions in Arizona further clarifying the legalities associated with drug DUIs. 

• Representation of former military service member and teacher charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an injury collision after a DUI offense

• Represented an individual charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident resulting in the death of a high profile local resident. Client received probation.

• Representation of individual charged with sexual abuse of two minors

• Representation of all-star athlete in domestic violence and criminal damage

• Representation of professional stunt driver in DUI charges

• Representation of medical professional arrested for drug paraphernalia

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