Jeannie Pak legal assistant

Jeannie (Jin-Hee) Pak

Legal Assistant

Jeannie (Jin-Hee) Pak has worked for Kimerer and Derrick, P.C. since 1998. In her 18 years of service to the firm she has provided excellent customer service and effectively represented the face of Kimerer Law Group, P.C. to both new and current clients.

Pak has worked with attorneys in many practice areas. She has hands on experience in misdemeanor/felony criminal defense, civil litigation, and family law.

Pak has a close working relationship with our clients. She makes herself available to them, arranges initial client meetings, explains court and case procedures, and ensures clients are apprised of court hearings and the status of their case. In addition her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, drafting necessary documents, organizing voluminous discovery, communicating and corresponding with federal and state agencies, and maintaining and keeping client files organized and up to date.

Pak is a key member to the team of Kimerer Law Group, P.C. She serves as a critical liaison between the clients and our firm. Not only does she offer a listening ear to our clients, she is relied on to assist our clients through the tumultuous terrain of the criminal justice system.