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Horne Victory | Kimerer & Derrick | The Best in Criminal Defense

A Complete Victory

25The Arizona Supreme Court has voided lower-court decisions in the long-running case against former Attorney General Tom Horne centered on allegations he broke campaign-finance laws. In an opinion filed Thursday, the state high court concluded the case should be sent back to the Attorney General’s Office for a final administrative decision, and noted the office Horne once…

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Judge Kozinski

60 Minutes Interview Judge Kozinski – The Debra Milke Case

The case of Debra Milke — also a capital punishment case in Arizona — is one example. Milke had spent 22 years on death row, convicted of conspiring with two other men to kill her son. When her appeal came before Judge Kozinski in 2013, he overturned the conviction. Milke became the second woman in…

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Biological Resource Center of America | Clark Derrick

Owner of tissue donation firm sentenced

December 22, 2016 | Kimerer & Derrick – Clark L. Derrick The owner of a Phoenix body-donation tissue company who pleaded guilty to illegally conducting an enterprise was sentenced Friday to one year of deferred jail time. Stephen Gore, 48, the owner of Biological Resource Center of America, was the subject of a two-year investigation by…

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Man arrested | Clark Derrick

Man arrested after police shootout

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — Man arrested after police shootout. Police have formally arrested a 48-year-old Denver man who was hospitalized after being wounded by police during a shootout following a mid-July chase across much of the Phoenix area. John David Rothrock faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful flight and other crimes.…

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Debra Milke

Retrial Hearing Set For Ariz. Mom Freed From Death Row

May 20, 2015 | Kimerer & Derrick – Michael Kimerer Attorneys are scheduled to return to court today to discuss the retrial of an Arizona mother who was released from prison earlier this month after her conviction was thrown out in the 1989 murder of her 4-year-old son. Prosecutors and Debra Jean Milke’s defense team…

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Michael Kimerer | Fox News

Michael Kimerer Discusses Milke’s Case

  Published on Apr 2, 2015 Deborah Milke | Kimerer & Derrick | Michael Kimerer After 23 years on death row for the 1989 murder of her son, Debra Milke is now a free woman and it’s now been pretty much laid to rest that she had anything to do with this crime. She became…

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DUI Scottsdale

DUI Scottsdale, disorderly conduct or police harassment?

It doesn’t matter whether you bus tables or own a dining establishment, spring is one of the best times to make money in Arizona’s restaurant business. Perfect weather and tourists drawn by special events create a window of opportunity that lasts until Mother’s Day or the initial string of 100-degree days, whichever comes first. That’s…

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DUI Marijuana Arizona

DUI Marijuana Traces AZ Supreme Court Rules Not Enough!

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that finding trace amounts of marijuana metabolite in a driver’s bloodstream isn’t enough to convict the person of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  The justices ruled that the state must prove that drivers have actually been impaired by the drug while driving. According to the on April 22 ruling, police stopped…

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International Tax Conspiracy

Facing 35 years in prison for international tax conspiracies.

By Ron Lee US~Observer   “The Court has carefully considered the filings of the parties as well as today’s hearing and the court finds for purposes of sentencing these defendants that the Government has failed to carry its burden of proof by a preponderance of the evidence, much less by clear and convincing evidence, that…

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Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud in Arizona

“Vote early and vote often” is a laugh line politicians often invoke as they make a pitch for people’s support. But it’s no laughing matter to a half-dozen former Arizonans, who have been prosecuted for voting twice in past elections. Thanks to a data-sharing agreement among 20 states, Arizona can cross-reference its voter data with…

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