All Felony & Misdemeanor Charges

We understand the fear and anxiety that will occur if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. Kimerer Law Group has successfully defended various charges throughout courtrooms across the State of Arizona. If you have been charged with a crime, you need to obtain a lawyer who understands the complex nature of criminal proceedings. Kimerer Law Group has handled criminal offenses ranging from petty crimes to capital crimes. Some of these include:

  • Traffic Citations
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Retail Fraud
  • Drug Possession or Sales
  • Probation or Parole Violations
  • Assault and Battery
  • Federal Criminal Charges
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gun or Weapon Charges
  • DUI
  • Misdemeanor or Felony

The worst thing you can do if you are facing Misdemeanor or Felony charges is to do nothing at all. A conviction of any kind can severely damage your reputation, employment opportunities, educational goals, finances, and can even risk your personal freedom by sending you to jail or prison. Kimerer Law Group can help you through the criminal process beginning with the pre-charge investigation through final resolution of your case.